At Carolina Performance Training we provide individual coaching, programming and nutrition services to everyone from high level athletes to the average gym-goer. In our facility, every client is paired with a coach who guides them through their health and fitness journey. Your coach assesses and continuously monitors your physical abilities and performance to design an individual training program that meets your needs and goals. Your coach will also work with you on a customized nutrition plan, as well as addressing other aspects that affect training such as sleep and other basic lifestyle guidelines. In addition to your one-to-one coach, throughout the day there is a coach with you on the training floor. Not only will the floor coach help you with movement, they will also make sure you’re getting the results from every workout that is programmed for you. You’ll be able to work out on your own time, but still in a group environment that allows for a sense of camaraderie, bringing together one-to-one coaching with a supportive community.

Services include:

Individualized training programs

    -Master’s Athlete Specific Programming

    -Youth Athlete Specific Programming

Facility programming

Sport-specific training programs

Speed and agility training

Individualized nutrition plans

Private Olympic lifting sessions

Personal Training

Our Story

Carolina Performance Training started as an in-house project at a local CrossFit gym to provide the best in individual programming and nutrition coaching to any member at that was looking for something different from the group class setting. Over time, we perfected our model for individual coaching and saw amazing results. We were creating custom programs for all types of individuals, formulating individualized nutrition programs for our members, conducting sport-specific and speed and agility programs and had started our own in-house barbell club for our Olympic Weightlifters.

One day, in the summer of 2015, our coaching staff had the thought, “why don’t we try to expand our operation beyond our gym?” We began formulating a plan to offer remote coaching services in addition to the on-site programs we had already developed.

In August 2015, we started offering remote coaching services. These services currently include individualized training programs for CrossFitters, Olympic Lifters and average gym-goers, individualized nutrition plans, facility programming for gyms around the world and sport-specific training programs. We pride ourselves on customizing our programs to the individual.

Fast forward to 2019, when we moved into our brand new facility in Cayce, South Carolina. This has allowed us a chance to expand our on-site operation while continuing to provide the best in remote coaching services. From youth to masters athletes, beginners to higher level athletes, weekend warriors to CrossFitters to high school, college or professional athletes; we can create a program based on your specific needs and goals.